Bulb sale

There’s still plenty of time to plant your Spring bulbs so feel free to explore our online bulb sale. There’s a wide variety to choose from

Welcome to the Friends of Waterlow Park annual bulb sale. There is a wide selection of bulbs to choose from, many produced from a Cornish flower farm, others imported from the Netherlands. You can either pay using PayPal or, if you prefer, you can pay by cheque/cash on delivery or collection. If you live within a mile of the village and your order is for £25 or more your bulbs can be delivered. Alternatively, you can pick up from a collection point in Highgate Village. All profits from the sale go towards park improvements.
Allium sphaerocephalon

Allium_sphaerocephalon_BiColFlowering time: Late Spring
Height: up to 60cms (24")
A drumstick green/purple Allium best grown in drifts in the front of the border.
Flowering time: early Summer. Height up to: 60cms (24")
15 Bulbs - £3

Allium 'Cristophii'
AlliumChristophiiFlowering time: Late Spring
Height: 20-24"/50-60cms
Vibrant grapefruit sized globe flowers on a strong stem. Flowering time: late Spring; Height: 50-60cms/20/24" 7 Bulbs - £3

Anemone 'De Caen''Anemone_DeCaen_300Flowering time: Feb/Apr
Height: 10"/25cms
A single flowers anemone in mixed colours, good in pots, containers and borders and makes excellent cut flowers.11 Bulbs - £3

Anemone 'Blanda Mixed'Flowering time: March
Height: 6"/15cms
Great ground cover and very effective, both in beds or in pots, when planted with other colours.11 Bulbs - £3 action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post">

Camassia caeruleaCamissia_caerulea_goodFlowering time: May
Height: 36"/90cms
Its tall stems make a spectacular border plant at a time when little is happening. It naturalises well.5 Bulbs - £3

Camassia albaCamassiaWhiteFlowering time: May
Height: 36"/90cms
Slightly later flowering than its blue counterpart but also makes a strong statement in the middle or back of a border.5 Bulbs - £3

Chionodoxa 'Pink Giant'Flowering time: Feb/Mar
Height: 6"/15cms
Pretty and delicate, good for rockeries, planting in drifts at the front of border, or at the edge of pots.20 Bulbs - £3

Eranthis hyemalis (Winter aconite)EranthusHyemalisFlowering time: Jan/Mar
Height: 3-5"/8-12cms
Plant under shrubs or trees with snowdrops for a stunning display.20 Bulbs - £3

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary)FritillariaMelegrisFlowering time: Apr/May
Height: 12"/30cms
Popular bulbs with dramatic affect when planted in drifts. It particularly enjoys damp areas.20 Bulbs - £3

Fritillaria assyricaFritillariaAssyricaOvuaVulpis_goodFlowering time: April
Height: 12"/30cms
An unusual version of the Fritillary, taller than chequerboard sibling and earlier to bloom. Its bell like flowers are deep maroon with yellow tips. Recommended. 20 Bulbs - £3

Snowdrops: Galanthus elwesiiGALANTHUS ELWESII_goodFlowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 6"15cms
A welcome herald of a new year. A particularly good looking snowdrop for borders or pots. Go well with purple crocuses or early irises for splash of colour.18 Bulbs - £3

Snowdrops: Galanthus woronowiiGALANTHUS ELWESII_goodFlowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 6"15cms
Known as The Broadleaf Snowdrop, it has giant white flowers with green markings. Fragrant.18 Bulbs - £3

Gladiolus byzantinusgladiolus_byzantinusFlowering time: May/June
Height: 20-24"/50-60cms
A fine cerise coloured gladiolus for cottage or contemporary garden. Plant with G. 'The Bride' for maximum impact.10 Bulbs - £3

Iris reticulataFlowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 6"/15cms
Very early mid blue with yellow markings.20 Bulbs - £3

Iris reticulata 'Joyce'Flowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 6"/15cms
Strong small purple flowers with yellow markings.20 Bulbs - £3

Muscari latifoliumFlowering time: April
Height: 4-6"/10-15cms
A very attractive variety of muscari, suitable for pots, borders and rockeries. All muscari naturalise well.20 Bulbs - £3

Muscari armeniacum 'Siberian Tigert'Flowering time: Late March/early April
Height: 6"/15cms
White grape hyacinth, robust and strong. Good naturaliser. 20 Bulbs - £3

Crocus 'Ruby Giant'Crocus_RubyGiantFlowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 3-4"/8-10cms
Great display in pots, window boxes and front of border or under trees.20 Bulbs - £3

Crocus 'Goldilocks'CrocusGoldilocksFlowering time: Jan/Feb
Height: 3-4"/8-10cms
Small flowering crocus with bright yellow showy flowers to cheer the spirit in the winter. 20 Bulbs - £3

Hyacinth 'Carnegie White'Hyacinth_CarnegieFlowering time: April
Height: 10"/25cms
One of the most popular whites for use in both borders and containers.5 Bulbs - £3

Tulip 'Spring Green'Tulip_SpringGreenFlowering time: May
Height: 20"/50cms
Favourite of Chelsea Flower Show designers. Very smart.8 Bulbs - £3
Tulip 'Black Parrot'Flowering: May
Height: 20"/50cms
A very sought after tulip with its deep colouring and ruffled and feathered petals which give a stunning effect in gardens and containers.10 Bulbs - £3

Daffodil 'Tete-a-Tete
Daffodil_TeteATeteFlowering time: February
Height: 8"/20cms
Another very popular miniature daffodil ideal for pots, window boxes and small gardens. 20 Bulbs - £3

Daffodil MinnowFlowering time: March
Height: 6"/10cm
One of the most petite miniatures. Creamy white petals with flat lemon cups. 2-3 flowers per stem. Light and pleasant scent.20 Bulbs - £5

whether it’s Allium and if you live within a mile of Highgate and spend over £25 we are happy to deliver them to you if that’s more convenient.